4th Team Punjabi Sports Awards 2022

4th Team Punjabi Sports Awards are being hosted in the City of Surrey on 19th November 2022 in Reflections Banquet Hall & Convention Center. In 2013, Team Punjabi hosted its first ever Sports Awards and got huge response from the community. 2nd awards were hosted in 2015 and 3rd in 2017, due to Covid-19 the subsequent awards were put on hold.

This year we are back with the beloved, one and only Team Punjabi Sports Awards where we showcase world class athletes and community get a chance to meet them in person. Our youth and kids, when they meet these athletes, they get inspired, they see their future in sports. Instead of getting into drugs and gangs, we need these kind of events to show them the positive side of life. We see everyday in news about young people getting shot in the ongoing drug war, to deter this kind of behavior our kids need alternatives and sports is the best alternate to anything.

This year, registrations are open from August to end of October, you can click HERE to register yourself as a sportsperson, coach, club, volunteer or sponsor. These are the five categories where awards will be given.

Team Punjabi is serving sports community since 2008, we started our journey as a stand alone national television show called Punjabi Sports, which aired on Joy TV and then picked up by Omni Television and It aired for 3 years on Omni Television across Canada. In 2013, we launched our own IPTV channel called Team Punjabi, and we incorporated live video streaming services from sports events across the globe.

Team Punjabi covered LIVE sports events in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India and Pakistan. Since 2018, Team Punjabi organize Nankana Sahib Kabaddi Tournament in Pakistan.

Team Punjabi will provide more information in the coming weeks. You can contact us at 604-773-4258 or email us at info@punjabisports.com

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Goldie Dhillon is creator and founder of Team Punjabi IPTV Channel, He also Wrote & Directed English feature film The Zeme, which is available on Amazon Prime.

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